Continue Reactivating’ error upon reactivation of account

There’s currently a known issue with reactivating some inactive Yahoo Mail accounts or self-deleted Yahoo accounts. Yahoo Mail accounts are made inactive after 12 months of not signing in and Yahoo accounts can be deleted manually by the user. When an account becomes inactive or deleted, all content from the account is removed and the mailbox is terminated.


Accounts can be reactivated for a short period of time after becoming inactive or self-deleted. Some accounts that have been inactive for a longer period of time have been able to go through the reactivation process and regain access to the main account, but the account’s mailbox hasn’t been restored. These customers are seeing the following errors:


  1. ‘Welcome back! Continue reactivating your account by contacting customer care.’
  2. Temporary Errors 2, 4, 6, 14*, 16, 18, or 23*


There is no ETA at this time for a fix for reactivated accounts experiencing this issue. If you’re seeing these errors, we recommend creating a new Yahoo account to use Yahoo Mail at


This issue will be fixed going forward for accounts that are inactive or self-deleted, and then reactivated within the reactivation time period (see our help article for more info about reactivation). This will not fix the issue for accounts seeing the above errors, that have not been signed into recently.

*Please note:  Customers who’ve recently signed into their Yahoo Mail accounts before experiencing temporary errors 14 or 23, will have their accounts fixed. This is a separate issue that’s currently being resolved or contact yahoo customer service


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